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Hi, my name is Artem Medvedev. I’m from Russia. Since 2009 I’m working with cotton candy, popcorn and caramel apple.

Artem Medvedev
Artem Medvedev

So, in this blog I’m talking about this business, about my work at fairs and holidays, achievements and problems, how much you can earn and where you can lose money. Everything you will read about here actually happened to me and my clients.

I was kicked out by the police because of lack of permits, my devices were broken, I had to get up at 5.30 to be the first to take the best place at the fair. But I managed to earn as much money in 12 hours that others earn in a month! So, cotton candy is really good business, if you know how to do it in right way.

In this blog you will learn about how it is arranged from the inside, what are the secrets and where you can make a mistake. I am open to dialogue and always respond to your comments. I’m also interested in reading the stories that you send to e-mail: question@candycottonshow.com

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