Flying cotton candy – new trand in fun food!

The future of the cotton candy market is for the flying cotton candy show & cotton candy shapes.

Traditionally, cotton candy is a small cocoon on a paper cone or in a plastic bag. This product is so known to the public that no one doubts this association. But what if cotton candy could have been done differently?

We at Robolabs are confident that the future of the fun food market is beyond the show. People will be interested not so much in calories or sweetness as in the “Instagramable” of the product. Already among the millennials, there is a joke: if you did not post your food on social media, you did not eat!

Flying cotton candy - new trand in fun food!

That’s why we changed the way we make cotton candy. With our patented technology, the RoboJetFloss makes cotton candy … flying! You have never seen this before. At first, it is impossible to believe – we are all used to seeing this product traditional.
Flying cotton candy - new trand in fun food!
Cotton fibers rise several feet into the air. They follow the operator as if it were a trick. The operator makes a huge portion of cotton candy with a diameter of 2-3 feet! It seems that the operator knows some secret or possesses secret knowledge.
But there is no secret – with the new RoboJetFloss it is available to everyone!
visit the Robolabs booth at the ARA Show 2020 on February 10-12 in Orlando, Fl to find out more!

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