Busy February: Florida & Dubai

Busy time!
This Russian snowy winter is a very hot time for me: too much job!
I just finished my Christmas holidays and ready to work. My boss has big plans for this year – we finished CE certification and he asks me to visit potential partners in Europe. And again, he never stops another goal – to open US market! February 4-11 I will travel to New York, and after this to Florida (Tampa). There will be fair and exhibition for amusement parks. I will be there for one week. If you from Florida, contact me by Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/roscement

After this, I will fly to Dubai February 16-23. There will be biggest exhibition in Middle East market – Gulfood 2018. I will present cotton candy machine Robo JetFloss. I hope there will be a good exhibition and we will sell everything. Actually, I’m happy exactly because of the fact that both location situated in the South. I have some skin problems since I was 2 month (since 1985) and I can’t survive on the North. I feel myself much better in sunny & hot weather (that’s why I left Izhevsk in 2014 and moved to the Black Sea). Every day in Moscow is a challenge since summertime gone.

After this, I have to visit Great Britain in March. But there is visa problem – I need to open Visa for UK (Shengen doesn’t work). For 20 days the embassy will take my international passport – but I can’t travel to USA and Dubai without it! So, this is a problem – it looks like I need to issue another one international passport! It might be impossible in another country, but in Russia sometimes you can face unexpectable things!
According to the fact, that we can’t miss the beginning of sales season (starts in the second decade of March), I truly believe that second passport will be the Best Decision.
PS: One day later.
I ask some guys and find a place, where I can issue the second passport. Right now I’m in the metro. I will be there in 30 min. It is very expensive – lake a good average salary in Russia. I tried to find another way, but the schedule doesn’t give me a chance.
I actually don’t know is it legal or not, but in half of the hour, it will be clear.

PPS: Next Monday. I gave all papers and this Friday my second international passport Will be ready. It is legal – right no we got two types of international passports. Simple and biometrical. For this reason, It is possible to have both of them

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