Christmas fair & Fun food. Birmingham, UK

Christmas markets are an excellent place for fun and street food. In my opinion, donuts, Berliners, cotton candy, caramel apples, popcorn, and many other fan food products are trendy at Christmas markets.

Our company Robolabs participated in an exhibition in Birmingham, where we presented our own devices for donuts and cotton candy. After the show, I went for a walk to the center and visited the Birmingham Christmas Market.

I think Christmas is a particular time. Magic, a fairy tale, the realization of desires – this is a very special time, especially for your customers. Therefore, it seems important to me to give more than just cotton candy or donuts. Add emotions, passion, love, attention to your product.

This applies to the appearance, accessories, design of your store, smiles of your sellers. In this case, customers will experience more emotions, take more photos for social networks, which means that the city fathers will again invite you to Christmas (and other) fairs!

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