Cotton candy business: free giveaway

Cotton candy business means that you need to constantly look for a market. It is easy to make cotton candy (the process is simple as 1-2-3). It’s easy to buy equipment (even an expensive commercial unit costs no more than $ 1,500-2,000). Easy to find raw materials and supplies (my lord, it’s sugar!)
It is difficult to find a market, because cotton candy is not a vital commodity (water, meat, vegetables and so on).

For its 10 years of experience, the point of sale – is the biggest question of this business. We must constantly look for customers, holidays, advertise ourselves, expand our horizons.
It’s about a new and unusual way to make money on cotton candy that we’ll talk about today. This is a free giveaway – at mass events, cotton candy can be a great compliment. It is pleasant for the visitor, but does not hit our customer’s pocket.

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