Is Cotton Candy good for your health?

Is Cotton Candy good for your health? –  this question is very often.

Actually, we have to understand that situation is more complicated than we think. Because health is a matter of quality and quantity of food.

For example, water is one of the most safety products. No one asks, is it good or bad, when I drink water (clean water, of course). But do you know, what if a person will drink more than two gallons of water he can die?

The same story with all products – orange is good, but too much orange will give too much orange juice for your stomach – it is acid, it will not be good when too much.

Meat is a good source of protein, but you cannot eat only meat – our body needs vitamins and minerals as well. In 18-19 century many people, who travel through oceans had a problem with teeth and other diseases because they ate salted meat only (you can’t buy fruits in the middle of the ocean).

So, now we are going to talk about cotton candy. You know, that it is 99% made of sugar. Now sugar can be considered like unhealthy products. Many products contain sugar – all sweets, many soft drinks and etc. Some people think, that they can use sweetener instead of sugar, but I don’t think sweeteners are a healthy product. Probably it has another bad side, which sugar hasn’t.

So, in this case, we cannot consider cotton candy like the healthy product. The carrot will be much better (and there were a time when children use to eat carrot-on-the-stick)

kids with the carrot
kids with the carrot

But I want to tell only one important question – quantity of cotton candy. How many sugar kids eat per day? If they use to consume 150gr per day,  when 1 cotton candy will not be a problem – it is less than 1 ounce (30 grams).

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