Cotton candy machine RoboJetFloss on IAAPA 2017

I just returned from the IAAPA 2017 exhibition, where we presented a new cotton candy machine RoboJetFloss. It’s cold in Moscow, it’s already snowing and in Florida, it’s hot in the day, so you can swim and sunbathe.
The exhibition went very well – we bought 20 cotton candy machines and sold everything. After the new year, we need to send a whole container of devices, because there is a high demand.


It’s amazing that there were a lot of children at the exhibition – I’m always very happy because I have a lot of clients.
There are exhibitions for businessmen when I make a product and just throw it into the trash – the adult person will not eat cotton candy, he is interested in the apparatus. With children it’s different! They adore the huge cotton candy and the process itself. By the way, the process is very simple – even children can work with our new device!

If you want to ask how to make cotton candy – watch this video below

I was also surprised that Americans often incorrectly call our equipment. What kind of names I have not seen (yes, many professionals already know about the new type of cotton candy machines): Robo JetFloss, RoboJet Floss, RoboJetFloss and even Robo Jet Floss!

Later I will write in detail about the exhibition, new ideas, and impressions. And, of course, I’ll post new interesting videos!

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