Fuse in the American and European versions of Robolabs cotton candy machines service

Cotton candy machine service & technical maintenance

cotton candy machine service
cotton candy machine service

Any cotton candy machine requires service. One of the most common malfunctions in cotton candy machines is replacing a fuse. A cotton candy fuse protects equipment from short circuits and power surges.
Different countries have different requirements for installing fuses. In Europe, a conventional fuse is used. It is mounted on the back of the device. To replace, unscrew the cap.
American devices have a slightly different standard for electrical equipment. In the USA, we install a separate fuse on the motor. And this is not an ordinary fuse ($ 2 for ten pieces), but an individual delayed fuse ($ 5 for 1 part). Also, inside the case is a device called “circuit breaker.”

Problems of servicing cotton candy machines

Sometimes this device turns off spontaneously due to shaking (delivery across the ocean and continents). In this video, I will tell you how to replace the fuse and switch the “circuit breaker” device on different Robolabs devices.

Also, you can learn more reading the Manual to the candy floss machines.

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