David Storm candy king – video interview (with Engl subtitles)




This is one of the most famous cotton candy masters in the world – guy from Sochi, David Storm candy king. Don’t forget to switch On English subtitles!

I know him since 2011, he was my Idol & teacher in the cotton candy business. In 2016 we met in Sochi seaside, for me, it was a very important moment.

david storm candy king
David storm candy king

Now we talk via social networks (Vkontakte), he still teaches me how to work! I think he opens new niche – artistic cotton candy. It is like Turkish Ice cream – you can dance in every city walk or seaside. Tourists will love you! Now my company makes cotton candy machines and carts for that show, you can find images below. This way now open to any talented goy in the world!

cotton candy cart
cotton candy cart
cotton candy cart
cotton candy cart

david shtorm

By the way, me and David Storm now trying to apply the USA B1 visa (read here)

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