$ 1150 on cotton candy and popcorn business. Russia, Victory Day in a small village.

Despite the fact that the last three years of working with cotton candy and popcorn I have visited 3 continents, I myself grew up in a small village somewhere in the middle of Russia. In general, I spent my childhood with my grandmother – she lives in the small town of Agryz in Tatarstan (where the Volga and Kama rivers connect).

Every year, my grandmother and relatives call me to plant vegetables in the garden – and I come to help them. But every year I try not only to work in the garden, but also to put up a tent with cotton candy, trampoline, and popcorn on the Victory Day celebration on May 9.

In this video, I shot the entire business process – arrival, preparation, installation of equipment, communication with customers and many small life hacks that allow you to earn more. If you like the video – like and subscribe to the channel, there is a lot of useful content. This long video is 19 minutes. I wanted to show as much as possible of what is hidden from the eyes of an ordinary client. I hope these nuances will help you better prepare for events and increase business efficiency. And if you want to purchase equipment and start making money, you have an online store CottonCandyShow.com and training courses from Artem Medvedev at your service.


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