Flying cotton candy – new trand in fun food!
Flying cotton candy - new trand in fun food!
The future of the cotton candy market is for the flying cotton candy show & cotton candy shapes. Traditionally, cotton candy is a small cocoon on a paper
CinemaCon 2019: exhibition review
CinemaCon 2019
CinemaCon is the central exhibition of the film industry. At this exhibition, film producers present new movies. Literally, you can look into the future – find out what
Cotton candy business: free giveaway
Cotton candy business
Cotton candy business means that you need to constantly look for a market. It is easy to make cotton candy (the process is simple as 1-2-3). It’s easy
How can I create my own flavors. Part 2. FlosSugar for cotton candy business
cotton candy business
We already told about Flossine. But there is another way to add flavor and color to candy floss – FlosSugar. Flossin is a concentrate that must be mixed
My first client in concession business: VDNH park, Moscow
This is one of the most beautiful parks in Europe – Moscow Park “Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy.” It was created in the USSR and contains
Which popcorn is crunchier? Vortex Robopop popcorn VS Oil-popcorn
It depends on the moisture of already popped corn. It loses its crunchiness when its moisture is higher than 2%. There are two main ways of making commercial
Cotton candy in the Night Clubs
Cotton candy in the Night Clubs
Traditionally, we are used to know: cotton candy is a treat for children. But I saw: sometimes it is distributed in the nightclubs! I decided to find out
Transport Day in Moscow
Parades of antique equipment and vehicles. Great place to sell fun food product. July 13, 2019 – 120 years of Moscow city transport. At every big holiday, I
Robolabs Chicken Format
Robolabs is known for fun food equipment, but the company is also seriously developing heavy industrial equipment for fast food and restaurant chains. We want to talk about
RoboJetFloss XL cotton candy machine
We are pleased to introduce the new cotton candy machine RoboJetFloss XL! The speaning head 150% bigger than before. This equipment is perfect for points with high traffic,