What makes cotton candy melt?
Perhaps you noticed that the cotton candy melts after its preparation. Sugar strands turn into small drops of syrup and drip down. Why does cotton candy melt? The
Why do Chinese cotton candy machines break down fast?
There are a lot of candy floss machines from China. Chinese cotton candy machines are similar to each other – they cost about 250-350 $, they have a
What is in Flossine?
What is Flossine? Flossine is a product of Gold Medal, USA. It is an additive for cotton candy, which gives a taste, color, and aroma of the finished
What are the ingredients in candy floss?
What are the ingredients for making cotton floss? I worked with fluffy cotton candy since 2009. And one of the main reasons to start was the simplest ingredients
Is Cotton Candy good for your health?
Is Cotton Candy good for your health? –  this question is very often. Actually, we have to understand that situation is more complicated than we think. Because health
Cotton candy machine RoboJetFloss on IAAPA 2017
I just returned from the IAAPA 2017 exhibition, where we presented a new cotton candy machine RoboJetFloss. It’s cold in Moscow, it’s already snowing and in Florida, it’s
How I started a business with cotton candy and popcorn
Even at university, I realized that I want to do business. The problem was that the parents did not want this at all. In Russia, since 1990, many
Very first German RoboJetFloss candy floss machine owner!
The “Europe Attraction Expo 2017” exhibition in Berlin was recently concluded. For me, it was the first visit to Berlin and Germany in general. We introduced the new
Robo Jet Floss – new cotton candy machine
three blades on a rotating head
Many people ask why I pay so much attention to the new Robo Jet Floss cotton candy machine? (you also can see some real video here) The answer
How to serve Robo JetFloss cotton candy machine
Robo JetFloss
Hello, friends Today I will tell you about the new Robo JetFloss. I’ve already made a video of how it works. Now I’ll tell you how it’s done.