How to make flossine sugar?

Popular question: how to make flossine sugar? The best way is to see once than read a hundred times.

Video from US dealer Stephen Canale. Great tips on how to make floss sugar! Video posted with permission from Mr. Stephen Canale.

Also on the video you will see: RoboJetFloss candy floss machine, 4 wheels cart, plastic bubble.

Flossine sugar

If you take the most common flossine sugar, then on the label you can read this:

“Ingredients: Sugar, vanillin, FD&C Red #40 (E129), and artificial flavor.”

. flossine sugar
flossine sugar

Using a combination of different flavors and colorants, you can get a variety of tastes.There are common flavors: banana, orange, blue raspberry, vanilla, apple and so on. But there are also very unusual flavor combinations:

flossine sugar
flossine sugar

Sometimes you can meet crazy tastes – cotton candy with bacon flavor, for example. Find such cotton candy can be in the store Dylan’s Candy  for $ 8 per cup.


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