How to make a multi-colored cotton candy?

Surely many of you saw at the fair sweet cotton wool of different colors? How to make a multi-colored cotton candy?
Recipe for cooking cotton candy is simple – you need a professional device cotton candy, as well as raw materials. Raw materials are sugar and flavor additives. Sugar can be different – white and brown, reed and beet. It is believed that it is best to make cotton candy from white sugar. In the US, cane sugar is used most often, and in Europe and Russia – beet sugar. I heard feedback that cotton candy from cane sugar is more plastic. However, the average buyer is unlikely to notice the difference.

The flavor additives for cotton wool are also different. The most important thing is that the flavoring is safe and has a certificate of any food safety management system.

In the USA Gold Medal Products Co. is the most popular additive to cotton wool. As there are other manufacturers, for example, Cretors. Large companies that produce ready-made cotton candy and sell it throughout America in the package, for example, Dandy Candy has their own research and development department, which can develop for them any taste and aroma.
But we will talk about the market leader – Gold Medal.


Of flavoring additives called Flossine, it is powder concentrate. Even a small amount is enough to add flavor and flavor to the finished product. For example, 2 pounds of sugar requires only 1-2 teaspoon of Flossine.
Depending on your desire to make the cotton candy brighter, you can add more Flossine.

What are the flavors and colors?

Gold Medal produces a large range of Flossine additives in America, but not in other countries, some additives are prohibited from import. Therefore, for example, in Russia, there are only 12 different tastes sold. And in Ukraine, the import of Flossine is officially prohibited.

Multi-colored cotton candy
Multi-colored cotton candy

In addition to Flossine concentrate, which must be mixed with sugar, there is ready-made colored sugar. In many countries, such a product is produced, for example, in the US it is produced by Gold Medal under the name FlosSugar. It is sugar with the addition of Flossine in a TetraPak carton box. This product is convenient to use when you rent equipment – the sweet cotton wool can be handed over for $40-80 per day, and in addition to offering paper cones and several flavors FlosSugar. It is also convenient to use such a product when you visit private parties (baby’s birthday, wedding, event from the local church) – customers want to see that the raw materials are clean, the packaging is not opened and there are no foreign substances. This is a matter of hygiene.

Now you know more about how to make colorful cotton candy. And finally, I propose to watch a short video from Chicago – at a local candy store I saw a cotton candy with a taste of bacon and beer!

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