How much cotton candy does a pound of sugar make?

Many new operators ask about the productivity of cotton candy machines. OK, it is another good question –  you know, I like good questions!

So, again and again, I can’t give you simple answer. Consumption of sugar is different in different models and type of machine. It also depends on the size of finished product. The bigger cotton candy, the less quantity of candy flosses you can make from one pound of sugar. And trash level is another important moment. Hope, you saw a video of the process of making cotton candy in YouTube. Part of sugar goes on a paper cone or plastic stick. But part of sugar stay by the sides of plastic/metal pan. Some model takes more sugar into the trash, another take less. For example, Mr. Eric from Dandy Candy says, he’s Cretors cotton candy machines take away only 7% of sugar. And I know definitely about some other models, they took about 30%! (Don’t want to give bad advertising, that’s why I don’t publish the name of models).

But, on average it will be about 15 cotton candies from one pound of sugar. It is my average result with Russian models – Robo Twister and Robo JetFloss. I think, with Gold Medal result will be the same, but we don’t have a lot this machine here in Russia. I try them much more in USA or Europe, but not in my home country.

With Chinese cotton candy machines sometimes result can be much worse. Sometimes they overheat. In this case, sugar melts too fast and just fly away! Also because if wrong construction it is very simple to break head. After it, sugar burns inside but doesn’t go out. Sometimes customers say, that cheap machine good only in the promo video on YouTube, but screw up in real life. Mostly I got the same opinion.

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