Industrial Vortex Popcorn™ Production Line ROBOPOP FACTORY

Popcorn Production Line

Robopop Factory is our fully automated industrial popcorn production line for savory and caramel coated popcorn production (find out more detail here). Using revolutionary Vortex Popcorn™ hot-air popping technology the line produces ready-to-eat Butter Flavored Popcorn (Curry, Paprika or Tomato, even Masala or a variety of other spicy flavors!), as well as delicious Caramel or Cheese… With RoboLabs, the caramel is not cooked in advance or heated for excessive periods of time. Instead, it is only prepared immediately before coating. This allows you to use natural flavors and fragile natural colors that do not withstand the competitor’s processes!

Advantages of RoboFactory Popcorn Production Line

One person operated

Fully automated

High output: from 100 kg/h up to 500 kg/h

Scalable configuration

Suitable for savory and caramel popcorn production

Technical specifications of RoboFactory Popcorn Production Line

  • Production capacity – standard production capacity up to 200 kg/h (440 lbs/h), can be extended up to 500 kg/h (over 1100 lbs/h)
  • Nominal power 135 kW (3 phase 400 Vac 50\60Hz)

More information about starting a business of producing popcorn, cotton candy, corn sticks can be found here.

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