Russian Association of Parks and Producers of Attractions 2018, Moscow (RAPPA 2018)

Hello everybody!

Today is the first day of exhibition RAPPA (Russian Association of Parks and Producers of Attractions) 2018. To be honest, I came for the first day only. I had to meet The Queen of Toffee Apples from Ryazan, named Galina Krasilnikova @gkrasilnikova.

Toffee apples, Galina
Toffee apples, Galina

Galina has fallen to the latest issues newspaper Popcorn times. There was a few more of my colleagues-friends: Andrey from Tumen (soft ice-cream) and Vladimir from Samara (cotton candy, popcorn).

Newspaper Popcorn Times
Newspaper Popcorn Times

RAPPA 2018

To continue my story about the exhibition: I’ve met an interesting girl Ekaterina. She engages in Ferris wheels. As it turns out, she sold (for one million dollars!) the Ferris wheel to my native city of Izhevsk.  I spoke that city to you about earlier, where they make the AK-47 and build the IzhAvto and “Moskvich”.

We met simply. She came for cotton candy and we got to talking. She is a very nice girl, that’s why I turned on my charm. It can’t be said often enough: fun food is the best way of reconciliation of making money and acquaintance. Where else would you connect with a lot of girls per day, but in the process of doing cotton candy, waffles, coffee, and milkshakes? So, guys, especially introverts, take notes!

Ekaterina from "Ferris wheel"
Ekaterina from “Ferris wheel”

It’s so amazing business: the transaction amount is huge, deals are one-time only, it takes clients long enough to decide. But if the wheel is set up in the right place, it will be profitable for many years. By the way, why nobody installs points with cotton candy, coffee or doughnuts? The session takes 3-5 minutes, there is nothing to do in the cabin. Why not have a bite to eat? It’s a magnet for customers!

Ferris wheel in Izhevsk , my home city
Ferris wheel in Izhevsk, my home city

In general, RAPPA reminds me of another exhibition – IAAPA in Florida, where I was in November. Both of them are about entertainment, rest, amusement parks and fun food. But American version is about five times as large as that Russian. If anybody wants to know about the future of this industry, they have to visit American exhibition because American trends anticipate our ones for 5-7 years. The current trend is the virtual reality. Virtual flights, virtual shooting games, golf, tennis and another sport. It is cheaper than constructing real places and equipping them with the latest technology and incur expenses of the maintenance. It scares that real things can disappear. But it is always a challenge. In the time the cinema didn’t kill the theatre, and Internet can’t kill the cinema. The market will change. And it will seem natural for our descendants.

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