How to serve Robo JetFloss cotton candy machine

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Today I will tell you about the new Robo JetFloss. I’ve already made a video of how it works. Now I’ll tell you how it’s done.

Below, you will see full 1-hour training video about maintenance. Unfortunately, it is only in Russian (no English yet), but the text below will help you!

We remove the plastic pan. Pay attention to the black bolts in the corners.

Robo JetFloss
Remove plastic pan from Robo JetFloss

They perform two roles – they fix a plastic pan when you install it. Also, there are washers, which are used to transport the machine. To suppress vibration when the device is working, you have to unscrew them. To transport the device (to fix the engine) they must be screwed properly.

Robo JetFloss
How to fix the engine on Robo JetFloss

Each professional cotton candy machine (for example, Gold Medal) has transport bolts, but in some models, they must be removed and stored separately. With new Robo JetFloss they do not need to be removed, which is very convenient – you will never lose them!

There are two versions of the device – Robo JetFloss and Robo JetFloss Pro. They are distinguished by the heating element and the “Cold Start” button. Due to this, the Pro version starts working after 20 seconds (regular needs 60 sec).

Robo JetFloss PRO
Robo JetFloss PRO

Heating elements are located inside the spinning head. All elements are removed very easily. Even an employee without experience will make maintenance without problems.

Inside the head is a diffuser with holes. They are very thin, cut by a laser. The heating element melts sugar, it becomes liquid and flows through the holes. Due to the rapid rotation of the droplet of sugar, it breaks up and disperses with thin threads.

Robo JetFloss
Robo JetFloss

Why do fibers go up? At the bottom of the head is a turbine. When the head rotates, it creates an ascending flow of air, which raises the candy flosses. It’s an innovation! First time there are two parts at cotton candy machines head: a fixed stator and a movable rotor. The rotor is a turbine, of which I spoke. The stator is a vertical plate that performs two functions.

Robo JetFloss
The stator of Robo JetFloss

First, they are located very close to each other – the operator can not put his finger inside, will not get injured. Secondly, they are curved, which allows you to straighten the turbulent airflow. Therefore, cotton flosses rise exactly up and the operator can do various tricks. Correct aerodynamics is a very important thing! In Chinese machines, aerodynamics are unstable, very often the fiber flies to the sides, not upwards.

Cheap Chineese machines
Cheap Chinese machines

Now I will test the machine inside the room. We measure the temperature and humidity in our room: 21 degrees Celsius (70 Fahrenheit) and 32% humidity. We have air conditioning, it drains the air – in such conditions, it is very easy to work. If I worked on the street, the humidity would be higher – about 70%. Near the coast of the ocean – 95%. In such conditions, it is almost impossible to work with conventional horizontal feeders, but the Robo JetFloss delivers cotton upwards and with it, you will not have problems even on the beach.

Now cotton candy is light, fluffy, excellent flying. Here I go a few meters – the fiber stretches for me.

Robo JetFloss
Economy Bubble at Robo JetFloss

Bubble – it is needed to ensure that cotton candy does not scatter around the room to be clean, this is the requirements of Sanitary service in some counties also. In addition, often in shopping centers are asked to have a bubble, in accordance with their internal rules. We produce several modifications of the bubbles: a standard device that closes everything in a circle.

And half of the bubbles – it’s an economical option, which can be used with a vertical feed – cotton flosses will not fly to customers. This type of bubble also partially saves from the wind on the outside. Due to the small size and the fact that it takes up less space, it is more convenient to transport and the delivery costs less.

That’s it for today! Hope you will enjoy our Robo JetFloss cotton candy machines!

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