Transport Day in Moscow

Parades of antique equipment and vehicles. Great place to sell fun food product.
July 13, 2019 – 120 years of Moscow city transport. At every big holiday, I look what is sold in the concession bars. Very often the assortment is very small (or it is nothing). It was exactly the same on this holiday. The organizers brought a lot of old trams… but they didn’t think about fun food at all! Look at the number of visitors! Any cotton candy, popcorn or ice cream seller would have made a ton of cash! So, if you have a celebration like this you must use your chance! Look for similar celebration in the cities where you work. And maybe you can find a rental or a booth to trade. Because such a holiday looks nicer. When people can have not only fun, but also food. This is doubly nice! I like the phrase that the president of the Gold Medal Product once said.
When someone asked him. How did you become so successful?
He replied: I was just looking any holidays and holidays and put there popcorn booth.
Because if you see crowds, this is the right place to sell fun food. This little stall with ice cream has always been in line. Imagine if you put a cotton candy machine or popcorn here! I did all the research. But I did not find any concession food here. And this is a big mistake organizers. Because when you have so many visitors
Need to set up a stand with concession food. If the organizers did not take care of concession food. The celebration will not be complete 100%. The organizers need us – merchants of fun food. We need trading platforms provided by event and holiday organizers. As for this holiday in Moscow. It is good.
But having fun food it would be excellent!

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