What are the ingredients in candy floss?

What are the ingredients for making cotton floss?

I worked with fluffy cotton candy since 2009. And one of the main reasons to start was the simplest ingredients and process of making. Really,  I was very surprised when to find, what it is only sugar and paper cones needed!

According to the fact,  that retail price is about 3-5$, it is a very profitable business! One day, I heard a story from Gold Medal’s manager about his customer, who made several thousand dollars per weekend with candy floss. It sounds too good to be the truth. But after this, I made the same result here in Russia (about 1000$, 1$ was around 32-36 roubles)

One day profit with candy floss
One day profit with candy floss

So, it is still true – you can make candy floss from 95-100% of sugar, a small addition of Flossine (or another color/flavor addition, for example, American color). For serving you can use paper cones (some operators use wooden/plastic sticks), plastic bags, plastic cups, etc.

Some operators go too deep and make extremely nice things with candy floss

cotton candy & champagne
cotton candy & champagne

I already wrote about my friend from Dubai name Patricia from Ella’s creamery. She did these crazy things with candy floss machine from Gold Medal

So,  that’s it! Candy floss is one of the simplest business to start. If you need more information, you can buy my e-book “Sweet business”, or use our forum: cottoncandyshow.com/forum

Ella's creamery crazy cotton candy * ice cream
Ella’s creamery crazy cotton candy * ice cream
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