What is in Flossine?

What is Flossine?

Flossine is a product of Gold Medal, USA. It is an additive for cotton candy, which gives a taste, color, and aroma of the finished product. There are many different Flossine tastes and six primary colors. Like GM says: “For the most tantalizing aroma, best flavor and classic cotton candy look, this is the secret ingredient the professionals count on! Simply mix up to two tablespoons of Flossine® to every 10 lb. of your regular granulated sugar. Used without cornstarch, it’s guaranteed not to clog your machine’s ribbon heating elements. Color change recommended every time floss head is filled.”


What kinds of Flossine are there?

Let’s talk about what Flossine flavors and flavors are produced
Yellow color – banana bonanza, lemon yellow, pina colada
Blue color – blue raspberry
Green – green apple, leapin’ lime, green watermelon
Purple color – grape purple
Orange color – orange
Red/pink – bubble gum, vanilla pink, strawberry pink, cherry red, raspberry, wacky watermelon, hot cinnamon, pink pina colada
There are other tastes, even exotic ones, for example, bacon (actually it is flossugar only).

Flossine is a concentrate that mixes with ordinary sugar. The operator can make the color brighter if he adds more Flossine powder.
There are certain recommendations on the proportions – 1-2 teaspoon to every 2 lb of sugar is a normal proportion (or 2 tablespoons to every 10 lb). It is not recommended to add much more or much less Flossine powder. The color will be poisonous. Or the color will not be visible. Many operators without experience write to me that the color of their mixture is too weak. I want to note that this is true, but when working with the machine Flossine powder interacts with sugar and makes the color brighter for several shades. It’s easy to notice in this video – pay attention to the color of cotton candy and the color of sugar on the walls of the catcher.

You can also use a ready mix of dye and sugar. In each country, there is a local producer, which makes such product. At 95-98% this is normal sugar. Such a product is quickly consumed and quite expensive in delivery, so so many companies make it locally.
In Poland, I saw these samples at the 79,9 zlotes for 9 colors.

Sugar colorant from Poland
Sugar colorant from Poland

The advantage of this product is that you do not need to waste time mixing sugar and dye powder. This is true, for example, if you rent cotton candy machines. In renting or working at a fair at an exhibition – it’s not hygienic to mix sugar with powder right on the street.
Another such product is convenient for operator control – to exclude theft, you can give the seller a ready mix of a certain taste and color. The operator will not be able to bring his sugar and sell cotton candy over your back.
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