Why does cotton candy melt?

Today again we will talk, why does cotton candy melt?

This is very frustrating. I made a product for the client, but it melts in 5 minutes! So, why cotton candy melts fast?

There are 3 reasons.

  • Type of cotton candy machines
  • Weather (humidity)
  • Temperature (hot or not)

Cotton candy melts fast – how it works?

Cotton candy is a cocoon of fine yarns of sugar. The thinner each individual thread, the faster the finished product will melt. Sugar is afraid of water, sugar is melting in the water. A thin thread of sugar melts faster than a thick thread of sugar – it’s easy! Therefore, the first reason is the type of cotton candy machine – Gold Medal, Cretors equipment makes a thick thread. Chinese equipment (as far as I can judge from my experience) makes a thin thread of sugar (about 0,15 millimeter) Robolabs equipment also makes a thick thread (Twister, Focus, etc)

The reason for this is very simple. In Chinese devices, there is a gap through which heated liquid sugar seeps. See picture:

Chinese cotton candy machine
Chinese cotton candy machine

And compare with how the head was designed on this Gold Medal machine:

Gold medal cotton candy machine
Gold medal cotton candy machine

Another example – original design of the holes on the Russian devices Robo Twister:

Twister cotton candy machine
Twister cotton candy machine
Twister cotton candy machine
Twister cotton candy machine


I hope that everything is clear with the first question. We move on!

Does cotton candy melt in the seaside?

Yes, this is bad news. Sweet cotton candy will melt if the air is wet – near the river, on the coast, in rainy weather. If you are from Florida, I do not envy you (joke). The reason is clear – there are invisible particles of water in the air. A thin thread of sugar absorbs them – and sugar melts!

cotton candy melts
cotton candy melts

Cotton candy cannot be protected from this phenomenon, because the moisture is directly in the air and penetrates everywhere. Moreover, because of the high humidity, it is impossible to work on the classic cotton candy machines – the candy flosses adhere to the bowl, they can not be wound up in a beautiful cocoon.

The exception is Robo JetFloss – this is a device with a vertical feed. Sugar fibers fly up, the operator immediately winds them on a stick or paper cone – the customer immediately takes the finished portion.

Mr Sokolov Artem from Kirov, Moscow
Mr. Sokolov Artem from Kirov, Moscow

However, all the same on the seashore the wool melts quickly. Possible solution: to make a huge show on the Robo Jet Floss device – it attracts customers. And sell cotton candy in plastic bags/cups. No drops of sugar on clothes, no sticky hands + incredibly cool show!

Does cotton candy melt in the heat (or in the sun)?

Yes, on a hot day cotton wool also melts. I noticed this here:

If you pack cotton candy in a cup or a bag, close tightly and leave in the sun – after a couple of days the product volume will be less.

Does cotton candy melt in the heat?
Does cotton candy melt in the heat?

Perhaps this is due to heating – because the humidity in the enclosed space is fixed and can not change. Therefore, I suppose that from a high-temperature sugar fibers melt – and this leads to a decrease in volume.

I told you about three possible causes of melting. I hope you find this material useful – do not hesitate to leave a comment or share with your friends!




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  1. Arlene Ashton

    I make cotton candy for the school . Using flossugar premixed 7 ready to use. it want hold up long can you help please.

    1. Artem Medvedev (author)

      I did not quite understand your question. You mean the life of the finished product (cotton candy melts?) Or do you want to make your own colored flossugar?

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