Which popcorn is crunchier? Comparing oil & air popcorn machines

Air popcorn or Oil popcorn?

Which popcorn is crunchier?

It depends on the moisture of already popped corn. It loses its crunchiness when its moisture is higher than 2%. There are two main ways of making commercial popcorn: air popping (vortex popcorn, air popcorn) and oil popping (wet popping). I decided to measure their moisture in our factory laboratory and shoot it on video


I will be in Chicago at the end of May (May 17-24). If you want to see the difference between various types of popcorn yourself – visit our stand at the NRA Show! The exhibition will be the latest generation of devices for the manufacture of “air popcorn” – Robopop (vortex popcorn machine).

air popcorn
air popcorn

Most often, such devices are used in combination with caramelizer. Robopop saves money because it can work without oil. Carameliser covers popcorn with icing or spices, making the gourmet product. There are even entire factories for making such gourmet popcorn (our factory made its own line – link is here)

Below you can see a review of equipment for popcorn air – Robopop & Robosugar machines

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