How to make candy art

How to make candy art. Vertical-flow candy floss machine recommendation

Operating principle is quite simple. The spinning head rotates with the sugar mix inside where the heating element warms the sugar up to its flow point 120-140°C (250-285°F). Due to centrifugal force, the melted sugar escapes through laser cut slits in the sidewall, where it instantly cools and crystallizes turning into candy floss. An attached impeller rotates along with the spinning head, producing a powerful upward airflow. Air enters from below, through the axial grills of the stator, which can be restricted by the silicone collar. The airflow can lift the cotton candy several feet in the air. Sugar particles that are too heavy will collect in the floss pan. The operator collects the flying cotton candy fibers. This is a fascinating show.

how to make candy art
how to make candy art

How to make candy art. “Snake” trick.

RoboJet Floss is intended for prolonged operation at a high production rate.

Only vertical flow machines allow you to perform entertaining tricks when making cotton candy. The most common technique is forcing the candy sleeve to follow you several feet away from the machine like a “snake” or animated rope.

different models of RoboJetFloss
different models of RoboJetFloss

The “snake” trick requires plenty of space, and note that if there is wind present you will have to have the floss follow you down-wind.

Once you have made a small cloud on the stick, pull it smoothly away from the machine (see the figure below). Keep winding the cotton candy, and do not let it fall below the floss pan. Be careful, as winding too rapidly might break the sleeve.

By moving move your hands up and down and changing the angle of the stick, you will find that you can modify the shape of the snake.

Once you have the hang of it, you will be able to step away from the machine, as far as 3 to 5 m (10′ to 15′, depending on conditions) and the snake will follow you if you continue the proper winding rate.

Although it is written difficult, you can watch the video – the process is quite simple. The girls in the video have NEVER serviced cotton candy. Nevertheless, they managed to do the show on the first try! How to make candy art? Easy!

The most important thing is the correct equipment settings. If you prepared the device, flossugar, set the correct voltage (temperature recommendations were given above), adjusted the power of the air flow – all the tricks will be done very easily. If the settings are wrong – it will be much more difficult. All recommendations on the settings are very detailed in the instructions (link here).

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      I do not know who sells ready-made organic flavors from cotton candy equipment suppliers. it may be easier for you to buy flavors and make organic flavored sugar yourself

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