How to make a cotton candy art?

Q: So I decided that I would host a small pop-up business doing cotton candy art (making the cotton candy into different characters). I would love to hear any advice you have!

A:  As I understand, there is 2 common way in the USA to earn money with cotton candy:

1) The American market for cotton candy machines now is very focused on elegant, private events (versus carnivals and fairs). Gold Medal and Paragon produce good equipment for fair/carnivals – but not for private events.
Their machine sales are down because their machines are too big, their bowls are too big, and they can only make 1 flavor per event or there will be significant cross-over. Cotton candy events revolve around the availability of multiple flavor options back to back. We will produce RoboArtist – a small model for private parties soon (hope, next year). Now I collect all the feedback and suggestions from the customers what this device should be so that we can offer the market the best solution. If you have pity, I will be glad to hear them.

2) Artistic cotton candy – making the show with floating cotton candy. My company produces RoboJetFloss – probably the best equipment for shows. You can find the machine and some samples of “how this format working” here on video
This is a very simple format – you need the only machine, some fancy cart, sugar+flossine, and some artistic suit/garb. No different flavors, no big cart (to store all flavor sugars). This show attracts customers, they start to shooting video – and buying cotton candy as well.

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