Flossine ingredients – what is inside?

Today we talk about flossine ingredients

Many operators ask: “What is flossine?” or “What is in flossine?” (I already wrote about this earlier – here)

First of all, Flossine® is the invention of the Gold Medal, the leader of the cotton candy market in the world. This is a special additive, which gives the color and aroma of sugar. According to it, cotton candy is so beautiful and tasty!

Currently, Flossine® has become the same term as Xerox in copying technology – it denotes flavor additives to candy floss. For example, Great Western produces similar products for sugar.

Tish Hardic from Great Western
Tish Hardic from Great Western

I do not know exactly which recipe is used by different manufacturers, so today I will only talk about Flossine®.

Gold Medal has an excellent website, where you can see a detailed description of the products. Let’s look at the official information for Cherry Flossine®:

flossine ingredients
flossine ingredients

Here is what the packaging looks like:

flossine ingredients label
flossine ingredients label

Something about Nutrition Facts:

flossine ingredients nutrition facts
flossine ingredients nutrition facts

Flossine® flavors

Banana Bonanza
Boo Blue (Blue Raspberry)
Bubble Gum (Bubble Gum)
Cherry Berry (Cherry)
Green Apple
Green Watermelon
Hot Cinnamon
Jolly Berry (Strawberry Pink)
Leapin’ Lime (Lime)
O-Jay (Orange)
Pink Piña Colada
Piña Colada (Pineapple)
Pink Vanilla
Silly Nilly (Pink Vanilla)
Sassy Apple (Green Apple)
Sizzlin’ Lemon (Lemon Yellow)
Spookie Fruiti (Grape)
Strawberry Pink
Wacky Watermelon (Watermelon)
White Citrus

Flossine® – is a trademark of Gold Medal Products Co

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  1. usman dinata

    Ada produk yang bisa membuat caton candy tahen lama??

    1. Artem Medvedev (author)

      Saya tidak begitu mengerti pertanyaan Anda. Anda bertanya bahan apa yang dibutuhkan untuk permen kapas? Ini adalah gula (95-98%) dan tambahan aromatik penyedap (2-5%)

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