How to choose the right RoboLabs flying cotton candy machine?

Let me present our model range, so you will be able to make the right choice

As you know, we manufacture equipment in Russia. There is a different culture and a little different business. In particular, customers in Russia do not order a sweet bar with different flavors of cotton candy. 1 flavor is usually enough. We have either popular masterclasses with flying cotton candy (RoboJetFloss) or the order of a professional master who will make figurines/shapes/flowers from cotton candy (Artist)

So on the one hand, I don’t know what to offer you. Chinese devices allow you to quickly change the color and taste of cotton candy, but they are not reliable. The spinning head is often clogged, the machines sometimes burn out. Their advantage is their low price, from $ 170.

All our professional cotton candy machines much more expensive – from 995$. At the same time, they are more reliable, they always have spare parts and service. Specifically, I am based in Jacksonville, Florida, and do some renovations/repairs from time to time.

The main purpose of the RJF is to work with a large flow of customers. I myself have been selling cotton candy at holidays, fairs, exhibitions since 2009. And this device is just a godsend. The spinning head has a capacity of 1 lb. sugar, which allows you to make up to 15 servings of cotton candy without stopping.

Flying cotton candy always attracts people. It is also convenient in places with high humidity – the cotton flosses fly up, rather than being sprayed on the sides. It does not touch the sides of the bowl, so you can make a very lush portion.

And it does not stick to the sides of the bowl in high humidity (on the ocean coast, for example) – as you know, it is almost impossible to make a cone with a regular cotton candy machine near the oceanfront or in the place with high humidity. Sugar flosses stick to the sides of the catcher, cotton candy loses its shape, it is too sticky to be packed in bags.

Therefore, operators in the US have to work in mobile trailers for $ 40,000 with ventilation. As far as I can see, cotton candy is sold mainly in packs of $ 5-10 here in the US. It is made inside trailers on commercial devices such as the Tornado from the Gold Medal. But in this case, the magic of the process is lost – we all know how children love to watch the unusual process of sugar strands emerging and winding them into a sweet cocoon!

RJF delivers cotton wool vertically upwards. This is both magic and a very simple way to make a huge cocoon of cotton candy in just 30 seconds. This cotton candy machine works as a show stopper and attracts many viewers. Which very quickly become clients.

Another model – Artist – is cotton candy machines for shapes.

You may have seen a video from China where craftsmen make cotton candy figurines and flowers. The Robolabs company is studying the world experience. Company employees travel to exhibitions in different countries. Personally, I have been to Hong Kong, Singapore, and another city in the north of China. To make cotton candy figurines, you need to learn this art. Their cotton candy apparatuses require a lot of skill, so only a few can master this technology.

We have studied the whole process in great detail. Nowadays in Russia, the apparatus of cotton candy Artist is produced – it has a spinning head of small size (about 1-ounce capacity) and a disc heating element located directly under the base of the spinning head. This allows you to add a small amount of cotton candy and immediately receive fiber. It also allows you to quickly change colors, flavors. A small amount of water (1/3 oz) must be gently injected from the syringe to clean the head of the machine. The steam cleans the channels inside the spinning head. For even a beginner to quickly master this equipment, we have worked on aerodynamics – the airflow is clearly upward.

On cheap devices from China, the air swirls. In addition, we have hidden the blades on the spinning head so that the operator does not injure his fingers.

We’ve also created tutorials (sold separately) on how to make different character figurines. All this allows even a beginner to quickly master an art that is inaccessible to others. When with the usual cheap equipment it takes years to master the skills, with the Artist you will be able to make the first figures in a week

However, not everything is as simple as it might seem. I don’t want to be a salesperson who praises his product non-stop. So let’s talk about the cons. First, the price is much higher than that of competitors from China. On the other hand, we understand that the cost of one portion of cotton candy is about 5 cents, and it sells for 2-5-10 dollars. Therefore, even expensive equipment quickly pays off. In 2019, I earned over $ 1,000 in one holiday in the Russian province.

There is one more feature – for the apparatus of cotton candy Artist, an ergonomic trolley is required.

operator, simplifies his work. Our company produces such carts, you can watch them in the video.

Thus, we offer a turnkey solution for the segment “party-events”: the Artist cotton candy machine & special collapsible ergonomic cart. The trolley is assembled without screws and a screwdriver. Disassembled, it takes up little space, so it is convenient to transport it.

So, this is a long letter, but I hope you will find some useful info about our products!

Let me know about your questions – usually, I respond in one day, not five days=) And sorry for such delay

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