Very first German RoboJetFloss candy floss machine owner!

The “Europe Attraction Expo 2017” exhibition in Berlin was recently concluded. For me, it was the first visit to Berlin and Germany in general.
We introduced the new Robo JetFloss on the European show from IAAPA first time.

I can not say that exports are easy for us. Russia is under USA|Europe sanctions. Many people here still do not know English. We need to issue Schengen visas for a trip to Europe. Finally, we are all from the USSR, so marketing for us is difficult =))

Why am I writing about this? Our first export packaging for JetFloss was not perfect. You can see this in the video:

But we tried, honestly! Marked warning stickers, put a soft foam. And, like Russian, it was packed upside down =))))

If you do not pay attention to problems with packaging, the machine itself is good equipment. On our tiny stand 3 * 3 meters there were always a lot of people. I advised on the cotton candy machines (and sometimes caramel popcorn equipment too).

On the first day, a woman from Argentina said that she wanted to buy my equipment. “OK – I said – the special price for the exhibition is 1300 euros” We exchanged contacts (which was not easy – she speaks only Spanish and I only in English)

Of course, it is very convenient to sell the equipment right at the exhibition. At the very least, you do not need to take it back to Moscow. But there was another problem – other customers also wanted to buy it!

Lady from Argentina
Lady from Argentina

If I took more equipment, I could sell at least 10 units during the exhibition. But JetFloss was one. Nevertheless, it was necessary to record customer contacts (in the end, I collected 18 business cards of those who would like to buy it right now).

As it turned out – not in vain! On the last day, a woman from Argentina apologized – this device is expensive to carry in the luggage of an airplane. Therefore, the device was sold to another customer (and 200 euros more expensive). I do not think this was an honest decision, but the client was very happy.

First customer in Germany
The first customer in Germany RoboJetFloss candy floss machine

Father and son have been engaged in this business for many years. They immediately realized that with the new JetFloss they could earn much more. In addition, they had no problems with delivery – they are from Germany, so the aircraft is not required. I wish them good luck. The first customer in Germany!

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